Our Medical Team

Our Healthcare Team

The medical professionals at Precise Healthcare are dedicated to providing world class medical services and compassionate care. Our highly skilled medical team comprises of general physicians, laboratory professionals, nurses, counselors and a chiropractor equipped with years of international experience. Meet some of our resident doctors:

Dr. Theo Wangata

General Physician

Dr. Theo Wangata is a General Physician and the Managing Director of Precise Healthcare. Dr. Theo is a graduate of University of Nairobi Medical School and has extensive medical experience in hospitals in the U.S, U.K, India and Australia. He is passionate about holistic wellness and helping them live happier, healthier lives thus his interest in weight management and prevention of obesity related medical problems. In a bid to educate the public, he often participates in medical camps, health talks and health related media shows that disseminate information on how to stay healthy.

Dr. Sung Gyo Lee

Certified Chiropractor

Dr. Sung Gyo Lee is a licensed chiropractor specializing in detecting and correcting interferences with the spine, joints and their connection to the nervous system. He has an individualized approach and uses a combination of spinal decompression techniques which is a gentle method of chiropractic adjusting for neck, shoulder, lower back and joint pain and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) procedure in which shock waves are administered with the goal of relieving tendon and or ligament pain. He also provides lifestyle recommendations, fitness coaching and nutritional advice.

Dr. Lee who attained University training and practiced in the U.S and South Korea, earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Hanseo University, South Korea and is registered by the United States of America Board of Chirporactic Examiners. He is also a registered Chiropractor currently providing chiropractic care at Precise Healthcare in Nairobi, Kenya.

He is dedicated to providing complimentary community education on health and wellness topics such as raising healthy children, nutrition, backpack safety as well as stress and pain management and often offers his medical expertise and time at schools and community outreaches.

Dr. Paul Oluoch

Resident Physician

Dr. Paul Oluoch is a general physician and a resident doctor at Precise Health Care.

He is an alumnus of Kenyatta University School of Medicine who is keen on personalized patient care and management. This patient-centered care extends to the treatments and therapies he provides with the aim of ensuring patients are well informed and well cared for.

As a young doctor, he is also actively engaged in youth mentorship both at a personal level and in partnership with the Equity Group Foundation.