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Precise Healthcare's Partnership With Willis Raburu

Outspoken and bubbly TV personality Willis Raburu has signed up to be Viva Serenity and Precise Healthcare wellness Ambassador. He now steps into his new role as a Health and Wellness Ambassador and will spearhead conversations on healthy lifestyles, nutrition and weight management. He will also promote medical tourism for advanced medical treatments, both locally and abroad and encourage conversation around revolutionary medical ideas such as HOUSEPITAL where quality medical services are brought to the comfort of your home.

Many people are struggling with obesity and obesity related health problems. Willis will therefore focus on tackling obesity to promote wellness and reduce the incidence of lifestyle diseases, many of which are related to obesity. Such diseases include type two diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, acid reflux, hormone imbalances that can lead to infertility such as PCOS, obstructive sleep apnoea, depression, among others.

Viva Serenity’s team of consultants organized for pre surgical consultations and counselling sessions with Willis and facilitated his obesity treatment. Willis underwent bariatric surgery (gastric bypass). The team of wellness consultants which comprises of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, fitness consultants, counsellors, among others continues to give Willis the post surgical follow up and support, even as he starts on his new role as the Viva Serenity Wellness Ambassador.

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Embrace world class Home care with HOUSEPITAL

'Housepital' a word coined from 'house' and 'hospital' basically means, 'a hospital in the house'. The professional services of a hospital are brought to your house, at the comfort of your home. As long as a patient does not require the intensive care unit (ICU) or theatre, they can successfully be treated from the comfort of their home. HOUSEPITAL brings quality medical services to the Comfort of your HOME. This includes DOCTORS home Visits, including different cadres of medical specialists, 24 hour NURSING care, physiotherapy, delivery of medicines, some imaging such as portable ultrasound or portable X-ray and medical equipment for homecare such as hospital beds and oxygen concentrators. The highly qualified nurses can administer intravenous fluids and medications and monitor patients 24/7 at the comfort of their HOME. This allows the relatives to manage their time better as the patient recovers from home. Patients on treatment for chronic illnesses or PALLIATIVE care can be managed while surrounded by their family.

What makes Housepital different from the traditional home-based care
Housepital introduces a new angle where highly trained and qualified nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals take their services to the patients in the comfort of their homes. It is the Hospital at home. This sharply contrasts with the traditional home-based care concept, which mainly entailed nurse assistants or patients attendants taking care of patients only with chronic illnesses such as stroke and dementia. Housepital offers treatments for all other medical conditions that can be managed at home.

The making of Housepital
Medicine is an evolving field and innovation is key. When the Covid pandemic began, Dr Theophilus Wangata, a physician and lead consultant at Precise Healthcare in Nairobi, Kenya realised the need to fight the disease by treating patients from the comfort of their homes. Most patients diagnosed with Covid 19 preferred to be treated in the comfort of their homes; a phenomenon that lead to the inception of the Housepital.

At Precise Healthcare, the clinic offers other services, that include: General consultations, Weight loss services, pharmacy, laboratory, counselling services, imaging services, nutrition services and chiropractic services among others. Dr Wangata, is widely travelled and has had the chance to see and learn the latest inventions in the healthcare industry in many countries abroad and has fully embraced home- based medical services as the new normal in this post covid era.

Welcome message from our resident doctor

At Precise Healthcare, your health comes first. Our team of medical professionals, faculty and staff endeavor to give you the most advanced and personalized healthcare. We offer a wide range of care and support, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation all in a bid to ensure a happier, healthier you.

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We work with real results from a range of tests that we conduct to help us work out why you are not feeling well and determine the right treatment for you. It is this personalized care and attention to detail that sets us apart.

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